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Annual Fund

Dear Friends of Catholic Academy of Waterbury,

May the graces of our Lord and our Blessed Mother be with you as Thanksgiving draws  near. In our 2nd year as Catholic Academy of Waterbury, we have so much for which to be thankful, hopeful, and prayerful.  We are 280 students strong, with an incredibly devoted staff, a talented school board, an enormously loving and supportive extended family base, innumerable volunteers, benefactors, and several holy priests who serve our children, led by our Pastor, Fr. James Sullivan. How good God is to us each and every day!

As a lifelong product of Catholic education in Waterbury and beyond, I can tell you that I will forever be indebted to my parents and teachers for that gift. From my first days in Kindergarten at St. Mary School, it was abundantly clear to me at that young age that my school days were very different than those of many children in my neighborhood.  We wrote “J+M+J” on the tops of our papers, prayed together several times a day, and blessed ourselves each time we heard a siren of a passing emergency vehicle. As I continued on to Sacred Heart High School, I realized even more deeply that I had something very special going on in my life. It was there on South Elm Street that I grew the most in my development as a Catholic young woman.  I was able to witness not only as the daughter of a Sacred Heart High School teacher, but also as one of his students, the majesty, wonder, and awe of living and loving the Catholic faith.  My dad laid a foundation of faith for thousands and thousands of young men and women who graduated from Sacred Heart, and I knew that I needed to somehow carry on his legacy someday.  In receiving my Bachelors, Masters, and Post-Graduate Certifications from Catholic universities, I have continued to be so fortunate to carry this gift with me wherever I go. It is my mission to make this gift possible for as many children as I can, for it is one that lives within each soul who receives it for time and eternity. I need your help in that mission, and I know you will answer this call for your support. 

In today’s society, more than ever, we need Catholic Academy.  The impact and importance of our hub of faith, academic excellence, sportsmanship, service to others, and genuine moral character is quite literally eternal.  We live in a society that is lacking severely in these areas, and we proudly live and breathe them every single day here at CAW.

Catholic Academy of Waterbury is a place that a very diverse community of children and families call home.  Every Wednesday morning, our entire school family attends Mass together, and Mass is hosted by a different homeroom class each week.  The many cultures 

represented in our school family meld together into a united community of faith at every Mass, each morning and afternoon during prayer, and each time we pray our monthly Rosary together.  Students not only learn the reverence that is necessary in our Lord's house, but they gain confidence in publicly speaking when they deliver readings from the pulpit. 

We have a new Inclusion Committee, comprised of a teacher chair, supporting teachers, and students.  This committee brings to light the many differences among us that God has bestowed upon us. More importantly, the committee helps us all to engage in activities to realize that our differences are breathtakingly beautiful, and that they actually make us all the more alike. Additionally, our athletics program is led by a selfless Athletic Director and coaches who are truly teachers on the courts and fields. It is awe-inspiring to watch our children play as teammates with great integrity in the hands of such dedicated volunteer coaches. Winning games is not the priority; bearing challenges with grace and Christ-like behavior is, and it shines.

These are merely snapshots of the daily occurrences that set our school apart from all others. Moments like these are made possible by you, in every spiritual and financial contribution you make to the children of Catholic Academy of Waterbury. Every single gift makes an indelible mark on our mission to produce young men and women with “self-discipline, self-motivation, and an awareness of global citizenship in an environment in which students encounter the love and truth of Jesus Christ.”

There are many ways that you can make Catholic education on Robinwood Road a vibrant reality for generations to come. No gift is too small!  The average cost of one hardcover textbook is about $80. A gift of $200 could put a new Chromebook into the hands of a student, partnered with the moral and responsible tools to use digital resources appropriately. A gift of $400 could clothe a student in all needed uniform items all year.  In order to make a CAW education manageable for our working families, we charge them just under half the cost of what it actually takes to educate one child. That means that about $4,500 per pupil is left for us to gather from the generosity of people like you. What prayerfully considered gift can you make to the children of Catholic Academy of Waterbury  in this year's Annual Fund?  

No matter the size or type of gift you give, you will always be held close to us in prayer each day.  Your partnership with us has not only generational, but eternal impact.  On behalf of the entire CAW School family, I thank you for making your mark on the lives of our children today, tomorrow, and for many years to come.


With my love and gratitude,



Mrs. Christa Chodkowski 



Save the Date: April 30, 2020 

CAW First Annual “Recipes for Success” Bake-Off  

More information to come!