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A STREAM Model & Heritage School of St. Mary and Blessed Sacrament Schools

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Code of Respect

The Catholic Academy of Waterbury community is based upon the value of RESPECT. As a school, we strive to teach respect through daily student and adult interactions in all areas of our buildings.

Students of our community are expected to demonstrate the following elements of respect.

Self-Respect by:

  • Being honest with members of the community
  • Dressing according to the school's dress code
  • Devoting all energy and attention to the task at hand
  • Carrying ourselves with a sense of dignity

Respect for Students by:

  • Refraining from bullying others physically, orally, or in writing, text messaging or emailing, teasing or threatening
  • Showing support and encouragement to and for others
  • Refraining from insulting, deriding, bullying, or humiliating others
  • Abstaining from sexual harassment
  • By working with others cooperatively

Respect for School by:

  • Respecting the property of others
  • Caring for school property and grounds
  • Being polite to community members
  • Abiding by all school policies and rules
  • By using common sense and good judgment

Respect for Adults by:

  • Listening and following directions, using appropriate tone of voice, body gestures and using respectful language
  • Accepting feedback graciously
  • By being punctual and prepared for class

Respect for Diversity by:

  • Demonstrating sensitivity to physical, cultural, religious, and gender differences
  • Supporting others in word and actions