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Frequently Asked Questions

Is financial aid available?

Yes, financial aid is available, but only to those families who qualify. In order to be eligible to qualify, families must complete all of the necessary applications and submit the required documents using FACTS Tuition. Some families, despite completing these requirements, may not be awarded aid based on their income.

Is Catholic Academy of Waterbury a private school?

Yes, Catholic Academy of Waterbury is a private, Catholic school within the Archdiocese Hartford.

How many students are in each class?

Class sizes vary, but range from 13-28 students.

Does my child have to attend Catholic Mass and Religion class?

Yes, students must attend all Masses and Religion classes offered at Catholic Academy of Waterbury. School Mass is held every Wednesday and on holy days of obligation. Students are not required to participate in the sacraments, but they are expected to be present and respectful. Students are given a grade in Religion class just like their other subjects.

What is the dress code?

Catholic Academy does have a dress code and it can be found here: Catholic Academy Dress Code. Rosenblatt's Department Store in Naugatuck carries everything you will need!

Are there special services?

Yes, special services are available at Catholic Academy of Waterbury, but they are limited. Catholic Academy of Waterbury has a part-time Special Education teacher and all individual education plans are acknowledged. The school has the right to deny acceptance to any student they feel they lack the resources to service.

Can my child take the bus to school?

Yes, Catholic Academy of Waterbury is the only Catholic school in Waterbury that has access to city-wide busing. Any student who lives in the City of Waterbury can ride the bus to school. Students who live outside of Waterbury must be dropped off and picked up by a parent/guardian.

Is there before and after school care?

Yes, before and after school care is offered every day that school is in session.

The Before School Program:

  • Monday through Friday
  • Beginning at 6:45 AM
  • $5.00 per day

The After School Program:

  • Monday through Friday
  • 3:05PM until 5:30PM
  • $8.00 per day

*Half days 12:30pm until 5:30PM


  • $8.00 per day

Can my child buy lunch?

Yes, every child can purchase a hot lunch at a reasonable price. Catholic Academy of Waterbury has a cafeteria and kitchen where lunch is prepared every day. Students have the option to bring a bagged lunch if they prefer.