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Personalized Instruction

Catholic Academy of Waterbury is home to over 200 students in Pre-K3 through Grade 8.  As a comparatively small, but strong school with a family atmosphere, our dedicated teachers truly invest themselves in the personal academic achievement of each child while they lovingly foster their personal and spiritual growth as integral components to their overall success.  In terms of academics, our student-to-teacher ratio is always considerably smaller than that of other private and public schools in our area, and intentionally so.  Deeply committed to our innovative approach with the Archdiocesan STREAM model that is rooted in tried and true, research-based best practices as well as the nationally acclaimed curriculum standards of the Archdiocese of Hartford that meet or exceed those of the Common Core, each child is positioned to succeed and just as importantly, absolutely fall in love with learning.

Utilizing various informal and formal assessments, our teachers know and are able to speak to specific data about each child and how they are using that information to tailor whole and small group lessons to meet their needs.  Students in the Archdiocesan network of Catholic Schools, including Catholic Academy of Waterbury, consistently excel on national assessments in comparison to their peers in other local schools.  At a building level, we also use Star assessments to measure growth in both reading and math to differentiate our lessons to best match the unique needs of each child.