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A Catholic STREAM School - Established 2018

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Grades 6-8

Our Middle School strengthens and builds on the solid academic, spiritual, and social foundation fostered in our Lower School. Our Middle School strives to not only educate its students in their specific subject areas, but also to prepare them for high school. Study skills, time management, organization skills, and research skills are incorporated in all lessons taught. Our Middle School students are the young leaders of the school. They are relied on to mentor and set positive examples for the children in the Lower School. They do this by taking on leadership roles at Mass, reading the morning prayers, and occasionally helping out in the Lower School classrooms.

Middle School Courses

Art (once per week) English
MathematicsPhysical Education (once per week)
Religion Science
Social StudiesSpanish (four days per week)
Music (once per week)

Please visit the Office of Education, Evangelization, and Catechesis website to view the Middle School curriculum.