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Return to In-Person Instruction Strategy (RIIS)

Dear CAW Families:

As promised, our Return to In Person Instruction Strategy is below. Thank you to our incredible task force for their diligence in assisting to make this plan possible. Please remember, this is a changing plan in light of CDC, state, and local guidelines. The current plan is to enter school in PHASE GREEN. Should the governor change that phase prior to the first day of school, we will inform you.

Additionally, please remember that the school calendar is also changeable in light of developments with the pandemic. I will absolutely send revised calendars if and when changes must be made.  Please note the following changes:

1. CAW will now begin instruction on SEPTEMBER 8, 2020 along with the City of Waterbury Public Schools.

2. Even though Waterbury Public Schools are returning in a hybrid model, CAW is returning in PHASE GREEN! We have enough families who have selected remote instruction to be able to do this. We are prepared to move into any phase at any time when and if the need arises.

As I mentioned in my video, I want you to review this plan, and use it to inform yourselves on your First Trimester instruction model selection (remote instruction or on-site instruction).

The carrying out of our plan, spacing, and staffing largely depends on how many students will be on-site as opposed to those opting for remote learning. Please remember that this plan is ever-changing and as scenarios come to our attention, we will research and act/modify accordingly.

God bless you all, and thank you for your faith in our Lord and in Catholic Academy of Waterbury!

Christa Chodkowski


Remote Learning Code of Conduct

RIIS Phased Plan - English

RIIS Phased Plan - Spanish

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Please check back often for updates.

Last edited: 11/10/2020

CAW is committed to ALL students, on- and off-site!