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Seminarian - Mr. Malley

October 2020


Like you, I have just completed my first month of school. I am right around the corner from midterm exams, and am learning so much. I think my favorite thing I am learning currently is about all of the different translations of the bible, and the history behind each one. They are so interesting!

Some really cool things have happened. The Archbishop of Guam stopped by the Seminary to say Mass for us one Sunday which was really great. My hallway just won the first Seminary floor challenge, and we won a very large trophy (not to brag, but it's pretty awesome…). We are in the process of training for our Seminary track meet which will take place over Columbus Day weekend. There will be five of us representing the Archdiocese of Hartford. Some people say the Seminary is all work and no play, but they’re wrong. The priests here may even argue that we need to remember that it is NOT all play and no work (LOL).

Spiritually, I have been pondering Jesus’ call to the apostles a LOT, and how it is quite similar to the call that I experienced, and quite possibly to the call some of you may be experiencing. Jesus doesn’t go around looking for the most prim or proper men, or the most wealthy, or the smartest or the most attractive. He called several pretty messed up people. Fishermen, tax collectors, and the like. He called them, and they came to follow him. Sometimes you may find yourself thinking “how could someone like ME be a disciple of Jesus...I have this flaw, or I struggle with this temptation...” This is the devil at work trying to pull you away from the love of the Lord. Jesus is calling YOU to be a disciple, the way you are, with all of your flaws and temptations. He loves you. He wants you, as you are, to say yes and to follow him. He will fix what he needs to be fixed once you say yes and follow him. Many first year seminarians often feel this sense of “I’m not holy enough” or “I have this could I POSSIBLY be a priest?” and the answer is quite simple: because He is calling us, never let the evil one make you think that you are any less than what you are...a beloved child of God the Father.

October is a month dedicated to the holy Rosary. Throughout the month, I will be keeping you all in prayer in a special way when I pray the rosary each day. I ask you to do the same for me. Pray that I continue to grow in virtue, and in faith. God is good, my friends. His love is greater than anything.

Below, you will find a photo of a jam session I had with some of the guys a few weeks ago.

God bless you!

September 2020


I have just returned to my room in Detroit after a 5 day silent retreat in DeWitt, Michigan. I know what you're thinking. "How do they expect you to be totally silent for 5 entire days?!" I know, at least for some of you, staying quiet for 5 minutes can prove to be difficult. (Myself included.) But this was different. Being away from the world (and my iPhone!) was exactly what I needed before I begin my semester of study on Tuesday, as you will begin your school year as well. Remember last year when Fr. Sullivan spoke of silence and challenged us to take a moment or two of silence every day, because God speaks in silence? He does. God and I had some good talks this week. One thing I want to tell you as you begin your school year is this: God loves you. Nothing that you do will ever change that. We shouldn't do what we need to do and follow rules IN ORDER to have God love us. We should be the best versions of ourselves BECAUSE God loves us and we want to show that love to the world. Let this propel you as you begin your year this year. Try very hard and always strive to show God's love through your actions and your words. God is your Father. You are his son or daughter. He loves you. Please always remember this. ALSO: Our friend Saint Therese sent me a little flower while I was away. I will ask her to watch over you all as you begin your year, and I will pray for you as well. Please do the same for me.